Singapore Server Online Now

Singapore Server Online Now

  • Saturday, 7th May, 2022
  • 17:27pm

This is the information would like to inform you about the Total Task we had carried out on this incident, As you know that the Server Crash started with a MySQL Crash which is yesterday at Over 3:45 PM NPT (Approx). Our team immediately started working on the MySQL Crash investigation during the time The server become unresponsive to us which has been forwarded to the Datacenter team for Investigation To find out any sort of Hardware Related issue. The Hardware Crash has been confirmed today morning at Around 8:45 AM NPT (Approx) .

The data center Team informed us that the crash may happen due to excessive Heat (But not confirmed) .As they said there are some other ways to get corrupted which are beyond human hands as it was electronic Devices/Chips.

We had informed the concerned Team to Move the Corrupted Disk to Recovery Environment to Recover our Client's backups from that disk and started a hardware investigation for the Processor, RAM, and Network, During the second investigation we found that the 1 of the RAM (16GB) Also got damaged  on the Server as the Server installed with 32 GB RAM (16 + 16 ) 

We had replaced RAM and Both disks which got Damaged/Corrupted during Yesterday's Crash!

After the Replacement, We had started again with Hardware investigation before we being to Start the installation and everything was Perfect on the hardware side

The server got installed and All the Services have been activated on the Server, You can able to log in from Himalaya Cloud Client Portal where you can able to change the password too!

The issue this time was we are maintaining multiple Disk 

1 - Primary

2 - Backup (Secondary) 

But the bad luck, Both the disk got damaged due to that we are unable to use the backups we take!

Anyhow, we are still working on the recovery from the corrupted disk as soon as the data got recovered we will restore the same on the server.

We are trying very harder on this case as the data are important. We do hope we can recover the same from the corrupted drive and we are trying our best 

We hope you are having a local backup, If you have local backups you can easily restore from cPanel > Backup Wizard or if you need assistance in restoring you can upload the cPanel generated backup file in the filemanager and get back to us we can restore it from our side.

We will keep you updated about the Recovery process as soon as we get some updates on the same!

Sorry for the inconvenience and unexpected situation that happen on the server as these things are beyond our hands. We are discussing with our Team to provide a Backup option directly to your google drive and other destination. Soon we will be deploying those features on all our servers which will be helpful during such type of unexpected incidents 

We hope you understand this incident and provide your support, and valuable time for us!

In case you have any questions you can feel free to reply to this same Email, Our team will get back to you